Advanced Video Productions (Period 4)

Course Description

Welcome to the YLHS Advanced Video Productions site. I am excited to see this program grow and establish new film greatness at YLHS and in Orange County. One of the key components of this course is the creation of the video yearbook; however, that is only a small part of the possibilities for this course. In addition to shooting and editing video for the video yearbook, students will have the opportunity to plan and create short features or PSAs to be broadcast biweekly during Mustang Mix, direct and edit short films to be entered into the Orange County Film Festival, compete in 24 and 48 hour film competitions, produce short videos to be presented during pep rallies, and operate the video equipment during those rallies.


The application for the 2023-24 school year is now available under "Files" on the right of this page. Applications are due Friday, April 21.