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Attendance Information

Absence Line Phone Number:  657-234-0375

Absence Report Google Form:  CLICK HERE

The goal of Yorba Linda High School is to assist each student to become a productive and effective citizen in our democratic society. We believe that a quality education will benefit the student in his or her future endeavors. In our experiences we have found that there is a direct correlation existing between a students attendance habits and his or her academic success. It is vitally important that students attend school on a consistent basis. The Yorba Linda High School Attendance Policies have been established to provide motivation for our students to be in attendance so that they may achieve their full potential.
If a student is absent one or more periods, the student must clear the absence in one of the following ways:
  1. It is highly recommended that parents call the school the same day of the absence. The absence line phone number is 657-234-0375 The parent/guardian should call in every day of a student’s absence. If possible, please provide the student’s ID number.  A note is required the morning the student returns to school.  Absences can also be submitted using this GOOGLE FORM
  2. If a student returns to school after an absence and the parent did not call in the previous day, he/she must be in the attendance office with a note prior to the start of the school day or they may be marked tardy to first period and may be subject to a teacher detention.
  3. Students have 48 hours once they return to school to clear and absence by a parent/guardian call or signed note before it becomes a permanent truant and hours are assigned.
  4. If the student attends classes and then leaves without obtaining an off-campus pass, the periods missed will turn into a permanent truancy and hours will be assigned.  A note or phone call will not clear the absences. If a student is truant for an entire day, he/she will be assigned hours at Saturday School.
OFF CAMPUS PERMITS; If a student must leave campus for any reason during their school day the student must obtain an Off-Campus Permit from the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus. The student should bring a note from a parent or guardian to the Attendance Office prior to leaving school.  Off-Campus Permits are issued before school, and during break.  We do not allow student to leave with an Off-Campus during the hours of 12:15 - 1:45.  Students requesting to leave during this time must be signed out by parent/guardian in the Attendance Office. Failure to do so will result in the student being marked truant for any classes missed.  Students who leave campus without an Off-Campus Permit will be considered illegally off campus and will be given a PERMANENT TRUANT. 
**Seniors with a Lunch Pass not returning for fifth and/or sixth period must have an Off-Campus pass prior to leaving school or the student will be considered truant.
The attendance window opens at 6:45 a.m. Students returning to school after an absence should arrive early to obtain a readmit. STANDING IN LINE WILL NOT EXCUSE TARDINESS TO CLASS.
Attendance Office  714-986-7500 ext. 14030
Attendance Fax      714-986-7506
Eren Bourgault (Attendance Clerk) [email protected]