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Welcome to ASB! On this page you can find important links regarding information about all clubs and activities on campus. 
23-24 ASB Executive Officers
ASB President: Tatum Steward
ASB Vice President: Delaney Haye
ASB Ambassador: Aidan Mintzer
ASB Secretary: Payton Baughman
ASB Treasurer: Nayeli Ramirez
23-24 ASB Class Officers
Senior President: Libby Haye
Senior VP: Inayah Khan
Senior Sec/Treas: Avery Bollin

Junior President: Mylie Brown
Junior VP: Kaitlyn Jamison
Junior Sec/Treas: Casey Cho

Sophomore President: Chelsey Natividad
Sophomore VP: Rayva Sehmi
Sophomore Sec/Treas: Katherine Farer
23-24 ASB Commissioners


Commissioner of Student Experience:

Ramzy Ali

Karina Hiranandani

Joy Mikhail

Madison Rubalcava

Brook Volkert

Naser Zayid

Commissioner of Athletics:

Dylan Armstrong

Vanessa Mosozo

Carlie Nelson

Maya Tsegaye


Commissioner of Arts:

Aubrey Esparza

Isabelle Gregg

Sydney Hendrie

Commissioner of Staff Appreciation:

Isabella Colin

Mia Robertson

Commissioner of Rallies:

Madeline Kerr

Ethan Lee

Olivia Magni

Commissioner of Publicity:

Caydence Kuo

Allie Harakuni

Lili Sebestyn