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Community Service

Class of 2025, must have 40 hours of community service completed, approved, and logged into Aeries, to obtain a Senior Lunch Pass.
Class of 2025 - 40 Hours
Class of 2026 - 40 Hours
Class of 2027 - 40 Hours
Class of 2028 - 40 Hours
SUMMER COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: Any YLHS student including incoming 9th graders may earn community service hours during the summer.  A Parent Permission slip does not need to be turned into the office before earning service hours. Incoming 9th graders' parent or guardian will give their permission on the Aeries Parent Portal before attending Back To School Days. Hours earned over the SUMMER  must be turned in during Back to School Days, or turned in by September 27th of the current school year.  
SENIORS must complete their Community Service hours and return their verification sheet to the Student Services Office before May 1st of their senior year.  If a senior does not provide verification by May 1st they will not graduate or be able to walk during the graduation ceremony.
Commonly Asked Questions:
Where can I get a Community Service Verification Form?
You will print out the form and the form can be found below.
How can I check my Community Service Hours Total?
 You and your family can access how many hours you have completed by going into Aeries, then to Student Info., and finally to Activities and Awards.
How can I make sure my Community Service Verification Forms are recorded in a timely manner?
Forms must be completely filled out
Forms must have specific dates of activity
Forms must be legible (please print your legal first and last name clearly)
Forms must be submitted in person to Student Services or the Front Office (no Xerox or scanned form will be accepted)
Forms must be submitted within 30 days of the activity
Forms must be signed by a non-profit representative with an original signature (no student or family member signature)
Community Service must be done through a non-profit organization.
     A non-profit is a group organized for purposes other than generating profit and in which no part of the organization's income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers. 
This is a website link for Community Service opportunities.  YLHS has not taken any independent action to verify the appropriateness of each group listed.  We strongly urge parents to investigate and make their own determination as to the suitability of the volunteer opportunity listed.
Community Service opportunities in the Yorba Linda area
(offsite link, courtesy of, within a 20-mile radius)
If you have any questions regarding what may or may not be approved for Community Service, gain permission first. Anything within your home is not eligible along with club meetings that are held during the academic school day. Teacher advisors must sign forms for all clubs on campus (not students). Only one activity per form, please.