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Principal's Weely Update #53

Big Thank You– to ASB and Shea Runge for a terrific “Battle of the Sexes” rally. This is a great assembly and fun to see staff members involved in each of the activities. A special thank you to Ms. Kosulandich for taking two pies in the face – you are great!

Winter Formal Dance – held Friday was attended by 350+ students. A big thank you to ASB, Jason, Shea and Colleen for all their work to organize and produce this dance. Staff members who took part in making sure the dance was a big success are:
Jason Kaylor  Shea Runge  Jennifer Graves  Kino Oaxaca
Noah Balik  Lorri Walls  Nancy Coulter  Colleen Hayashi
Terrance Green  Jennifer Graves  Brian Bloom  Sarah and Brian Shay
Diane Luxa  Sissi Mueller  Desi St. Amant  Noah Balik
Matt Coulter  Pat O’Meara  Cher Lindley

FYI - Counselors will be out in the classroom starting the registration process for 2011-12. You will get additional information at the faculty meeting on Monday, February 7th. Collecting the “interest surveys” early will help us plan for our senior class and in hiring the staff members for the 400 more students we will have next year.

Don’t Forget – YLHS Drama Department Production – “12 Angry Men” will be performed under the direction of Cathy Petz from February 9 – 12 at 7:00 p.m. in our forum theater. It is always a thrill to see our students in the play do such an outstanding job. You forget they are only high school students. Hope to see everyone there!

Did you Know – I just signed the forms to enter our Women’s Basketball Team and Women’s Soccer Team in CIF play-offs starting this month. It is exciting to see our teams make CIF play-offs in our very first year of varsity play. Final standings for winter sports 2010-11 will be out soon.

One of our Own - reached his 400th win in Men’s Soccer. Congratulations Kino!!! His Esperanza team beat El Dorado last week for Kino’s 400th win in coaching men’s soccer. Kino – you are a real asset to both schools!!

“Thought for the Week”
“Many hands and hearts and minds contribute to anyone’s notable achievement.”
Walt Disney

Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of February 7 – February 12, 2011

Monday, February 7
Faculty Meeting – Library – Goodies at 7:15 a.m.
Leadership Team Meeting – 3:00 – Library
M F/S, JV & V Soccer @ Pacifica 3:00 Pacifica HS
W F/S (red) Soccer vs. Santa Margarita 3:00 Home

Tuesday, February 8
M V/S, JV & V Basketball @ Pacifica 4:00/5:30/7:00 Pacifica
W JV & V Basketball vs. Pacifica 5:30/7:00 Home
W JV & V Soccer vs. Pacifica Varsity 5:00 Bradford Stadium
JV 3:00 Home
W JV & V Water Polo vs. Pacifica 3:15/4:15 Esperanza

Wednesday, February 9
“12 Angry Jurors” – Theater Production – 7:00 p.m. – Forum Theater (Opening Night)
M F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Western 3:45/2:30/3:00 Home

Thursday, February 10

“12 Angry Jurors” – Theater Production – 7:00 p.m. – Forum Theater
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Western 4:00/5:30/7:00 Home
W JV & V Basketball @ Western 5:30/7:00 Western HS
W JV & V Soccer @ Western 3:15/3:00 Western HS
W F/S (red) Soccer vs. Cypress 3:00 Home
W JV & V Water Polo @ Western 3:15/4:15 Western HS

Friday, February 11
“12 Angry Jurors” – Theater Production – 7:00 p.m. – Forum Theater
M F/S Soccer @ St. Margaret’s 4:00 St. Margaret’s HS
W F/S (red) Soccer @ St. Margaret’s 5:30 St. Margaret’s HS

Saturday, February 12

“12 Angry Jurors” – Theater Production – 7:00 p.m. – Forum Theater
V Wrestling @ CIF Duals 8:00 a.m. Valencia HS
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