Mr. Lejano named "influential educator" by former student AJ Song

Andrew "AJ" Song who graduated from Yorba Linda High School in 2019 was awarded the Stanford University J.E. Wallace Sterling Award For Academic Achievement on Saturday, April 22nd. This prestigious award goes to the top 25 graduating seniors in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford. Stanford arranged and paid for Andrew's AP Macroeconomics teacher, Mr. Lejano, to attend the awards luncheon as an influential educator that helped Andrew get to where he is today. At the luncheon, Andrew spoke to the attendees about Mr. Lejano and Mr. Lejano was given an award "for contributions to the education of students in general in particular for the exceptional influence on the academic career of Andrew Song." This was followed up by Mr. Lejano having the podium to discuss Andrew's terrific accomplishments and outstanding qualities while he excelled at Yorba Linda High School. We are proud to see our former Mustangs succeeding!