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Principal's Weekly Update #61

A Big Thank You – to everyone who participated in our 8th Grade Parent Night last Tuesday evening. We filled the gym with the Class of 2015 and their parents. A special thank you to:
Jason, Shea and ASB for setting up our “Round-up” in the center of campus. Many Booster groups, along with PTSA and Academic Clubs talked with our parents. Jennifer, Lorri, Nancy and Jeff for their presentations to parents about high school classes and the four-year plans at YLHS and athletics. Link Crew/ASB for the time they spent in the gym with the Class of 2015 and getting them connected. Office Staff – Kathy, Denise, Claudia, Lori, Alex and Precious for staying late to meet with parents in the counseling office regarding registration and helping ASB sell Mustang clothes.  8th Grade Parent/Student Night is one of the most positive-exciting schoolwide activities we have. Lots of energy and many-many thank you’s from parents on a terrific evening.

National Library Week – Roseann and Precious have been working very hard for students and staff to celebrate National Library Week. They have many special events going on in the library. Stop by if you have a chance on put your name in for a drawing.

District Art Show
- Brent Hendry informed us of the 16th Annual District Art Show which is continuing through Wednesday this week at the ESC on Casa Loma. We have many students that participated with their ceramics, stained glass, paintings and photos. The gallery is open from 6-8. Stop by a see some fabulous art from our YLHS and district students. Brent, thanks for all you do for our art students!!

Good Luck to our Spring Sports Teams
– as they compete in the Empire League:
Baseball– Matt Stine, John Baughman & Colin Domene
Women’s Lacrosse – Jon Aed
Softball – Sharon Farrell, Lisa Lejano
Tennis – Rey Lejano and Jason Pietsch
Track – Jesse Gomez
Volleyball – Jaclyn Chavez
Golf – Dennis Riggs
Swimming – Jeff Gorman
Men’s Lacrosse – Mike Schreiber
. . . and all their walk-on assistants!

Campus Tours
- We have scheduled two tour dates this week, Wednesday – April 11th @ 11:00 a.m. and Friday – April 15th @ 10:30 a.m. for community members to tour our school.


Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of April 11 – April 16, 2011

Monday, April 11
National Library Week – All Week in the Library
V Golf vs. Troy 2:30 Green River GC
W V Lacrosse vs. Tustin 3:15 Home

Tuesday, April 12
F/S, JV & V Baseball vs. Valencia V 3:15 Valencia
F/S & JV 3:15 Home
JV & V Volleyball vs. Kennedy 3:15/4:30 Home
M JV & V Lacrosse @ Marina 5:00/7:00 Marina HS
JV & V Tennis vs. Kennedy V 3:15 Home
JV 3:15 Kennedy HS
V Golf vs. Western 2:30 Dad Miller GC
JV Golf vs. Orange Lutheran 2:40 Brea Creek GC
JV & V Softball vs. Pacifica 3:15 Home
JV & V Swimming @ Pacifica 3:15 Pacifica HS

Wednesday, April 13
V Golf vs. Savannah 3:00 Black Gold GC

Thursday, April 14
International Food Day - Lunch
F/S, JV & V Baseball vs. Valencia V 3:15 Home
F/S & JV 3:15 Valencia HS
M V Lacrosse vs. Tustin 4:00 Home
JV & V Tennis vs. Cypress V 3:15 Cypress HS
JV 3:15 Home
JV & V Golf vs. Tustin V 3:30 Tustin Ranch GC
JV 3:00 Riverview GC
F/S Golf vs. Orange Lutheran 3:00 Fullerton GC
JV & V Softball @ Western 3:15 Western HS
W JV & V Lacrosse @ Esperanza 5:30/7:00 Esperanza HS
F/S & V Track vs. Pacifica 3:00 Valencia HS

Friday, April 15
Staff Potluck – Library @ Lunch
JV & V Volleyball @ Cypress 3:15/4:30 Cypress HS
M JV Lacrosse vs. Temecula Valley 4:00 Home
V Swimming @ El Modena 3:00 El Modena HS

Saturday, April 16
F/S& V Baseball vs. Kennedy 11:00 Home
JV Baseball @ El Modena 11:00 El Modena HS
Happy Spring
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