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Principal's Weekly Update #115

2nd Semester 2012-2013 is HERE! - and with that there may be a few changes in students’ schedules and classes. All students with or without a class change should pick up a new locator on Monday morning at 7:30.  They should have them with them as they go to each class. If there is a concern with a new student in your class, check the locator and your class roster. 2nd semester is a fresh start and a time to review expectations and curriculum outcomes.

Have a Great First Day of 2nd Semester - Remember “Coming together is a beginning – keeping together is progress – working together is success.” Henry Ford

Seven Weeks!
- until all your time and hard work will be presented and reviewed by our visiting WASC Team. Joey, Dan and Claudia are working out the final four-day nuts and bolts visit for the seven member team, while your report is in the final stages of printing and ready to be delivered. As we head into the home stretch, you will see weekly updates related to the goals, rationale, indicators and ESLRs addressed.

Starting with Chapter 5 – Action Plan:

Goal: Yorba Linda High School recognizes a need to increase achievement in written conventions and writing strategies for all students.
Rationale: YLHS understands that increased proficiency in writing ability affects all curricular areas. Cluster report analysis of CST scores indicates that written conventions and writing strategies are two areas which can be addressed to help increase academic achievement in all curricular areas.
Indicators: Increase in CST cluster reports, increase in Step-Up-To-Writing scores school-wide, increase in ELA common assessments (need % from SPSA) ESLRs addressed: Achievement, Mastery, Dedication, Excellence

Goal: YLHS recognizes a need to close the achievement gap for all students who are not achieving proficiency in all curricular areas through a system of targeted interventions.
Rationale: YLHS believes that all students are capable of high academic achievement. Therefore, any student who is not proficient in state-wide or local assessments is a student in need of intervention (need % from SPSA).
Indicators: Increase in CST proficiency rates, increase in scores for local common assessments
ESLRs addressed: Achievement, Mastery, Dedication, Excellence

Goal: YLHS recognizes a need to increase academic achievement for students enrolled in Algebra 1A & 1B, Algebra, Geometry, and Principles of Geometry courses.
Rationale: Mathematical proficiency is a key factor in post-secondary success. Even though the number of YLHS students scoring proficient or advanced in these courses exceeds district and state averages, we
understand the critical need to increase students’ achievement in these vital courses.
Indicators: Increase in CST scores, increase in local common assessment scores, decrease in the number of students earning D and F grades in these courses.
ESLRs addressed: Achievement, Mastery, Dedication, Excellence

Reminders – PTSA Meeting – Monday, 1/28 @ 7:00 p.m. in the library

Thought for the Week
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence
plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of January 28 – February 2, 2013

Monday, January 28
Second Semester Starts

Tuesday, January 29
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Valencia 4:00/5:30/7:00 Home
M V/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Valencia 3:00/3:00/3:00 Home
W JV & V Water Polo @ Valencia 4:15/3:15 Valencia HS

Wednesday, January 30
W F/S Soccer @ Katella 3:15 Katella HS
W JV & V Soccer @ Valencia 5:00/7:00 Valencia HS
W JV & V Basketball @ Valencia 5:30/7:00 Valencia HS

Thursday, January 31

M F/S, JV & V Wrestling vs. Pacifica 5?30/5:30/7:00 Home
W JV & V Water Polo vs. Cypress 4:15/3:15 Home

Friday, February 1
W JV & V Basketball vs. Cypress 5:30/7:00 Home
W JV & V Soccer vs. Cypress 3:00/5:30 Home
W F/S Soccer vs. Ontario 3:15 Home
W F/S Water Polo @ Canyon Tourney TBD Canyon HS
M F/S, JV & V Basketball @ Cypress 4:00/5:30/7:00 Cypress HS
M JV & V Soccer @ Cypress 3:00/3:00 Cypress HS

Saturday, February 2
V Wrestling @ CIF League Finals 7:00 a.m. Valencia HS
W F/S Water Polo @ Canyon Tourney TBD Canyon HS
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