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Principal's Weekly Update #182

Guests of Campus This Week -
Monday – 7 Chinese students will be visiting our school and attending classes with 7 of our ASB students. Students will share the YLHS experience from 2/2 – 2/13. Students will meet and greet each other at 8:00 am Monday morning in the library.
Tuesday – 27 Japanese students will be on campus for one day with YLHS Japanese Language students. They will visit classes with their YLHS student guide. Uekusa students will share in a lunchtime activity with our YLHS students. Students will be paired up at the introductory meeting in the library on Tuesday morning @ 7:30 a.m.
Wednesday & Thursday – A second group of 40 Chinese students will be paired up with our YLHS Chinese Language class students to visit our classes and experience a day in the life of YLHS. Students will meet and greet our guests in the gym foyer and pair up to visit their classes.

- Don’t forget, if your students are looking for extra help in Math, Language Arts or Spanish, 2nd semester tutoring will continue in the library. Library hours start @ 7:00 a.m. and they stay open until 4:00. Check the exact for subjects and times at the library.

Bandwidth Testing for SBAC
– Countywide - will take place on February 5th & February 11th at 9:00 a.m. each day. We will have 4 junior classes sign into the CAASP practice test site using our 501 library computer labs, along with 2 sets of 38 chrome books in the library and room 403. This test will help assess how the district network would perform if all PYLUSD schools were testing at the same time. A Big Thank You to Kristi Stedman, Pat Wren, Charlene Dagampat and for “volunteering” your classes to participate in the testing.

Thought for the Week
“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” Henry Ford

Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of February 2 – February 7, 2015

Monday, February 2

Leadership Team Meeting 3:00 Library

Tuesday, February 3

M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Dorado JV & V 4:00/7:00 El Dorado HS
F/S 4:30 Home
W F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Dorado JV & V 2:45/5:30 El Dorado HS
F/S 3:00 Home
W F/S, JV & V Soccer @ Esperanza 3:00/3:00/5:00 Esperanza HS
W F/S, JV & V Water Polo @ Villa Park 3:00/4:30/3:45 Villa Park HS

Wednesday, February 4

M F/S, JV & V Soccer @ El Modena 3:00 all games El Modena HS

Thursday, February 5

W F/S, JV & V Soccer @ Brea 3:00/3:00/4:30 Brea Olinda HS

Friday, February 6

M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Modena JV & V 4:00/7:00 El Modena HS
F/S 4:30 Home
W F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Modena JV & V 2:45/5:30 El Modena
F/S 3:00 Home
W JV & V Water Polo vs. Beckman 4:00/3:00 Home

Saturday, February 7

F/S Wrestling @ Los Alamitos TBA Los Alamitos HS

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