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Principal's Weekly Update #183

A Big Thank You to Staff – for welcoming all of our visitors last week. The 27 Japanese students and 40 Chinese students enjoyed every minute – in classes and meeting with their YLHS students guides to exchange ideas and cultural activities. Our YLHS students are very proud of their school and their teachers. They were very excited to share their Mustang experience. Several adult chaperone/teachers stopped by my office to let me know how impressed they were with our teaching staff and what is happening in the classroom. We still have 7 Chinese students and 2 chaperones this next week with our student guides.

Did You Hear? – We have 630 students with 4 or more “0’s” on their 1st semester report card. Counselors will be handing out Oreo’s – one for each “0” on Thursday, February 12th. Thank you – Counselors!!

PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention and Support - presentation on Wednesday, February 4th was attended by Christine Collins, Bincins Garcia, Brent Hendry, Shea Runge, Peyton Pike, Greg Kemp and myself. PBIS is a 3-tiered approach to implementing positive and consistent student discipline in schools. The presentation reminded us of all the good things we opened the school with and continue to do, while providing ideas to expand and reach out to more students. The program focuses to involve students, parents and staff in 1) clear rules & procedures; 2) positive school climate; 3) developing relationships; 4) high quality instruction & engagement; 5) scheduling and organization; and 6) teaching and reinforcement. YLHS staff continues to “connect” students to school through relationships and standards for success. Our school’s goal is to create a climate where everyone feels welcome, wanted, safe and important. The focus of our discussion centered on ever changing “social media” and the school’s role in our community.

As always, YLHS staff works each and every day to maintain programs and seek out new ways to provide an “environment for success”.

Counseling – Fall Registration for Current Freshmen this week
Freshmen Distribution in Health & Careers Classes

February 10th
Per. 1 – Bailey (Pike) 
Per. 2 – Bailey (Walls) 
Per. 3 – Bailey (Coulter)
Fortenbaugh (Pike)
Per. 4 – Bailey (Walls) 
Per. 5 – Fortenbaugh (Coulter) 
Per. 6 - Gerasimou (Walls)

February 11th
Per. 1 – Gerasimou (Coulter)
Per. 2 – Gerasimou (Pike)
Per. 3 - Smith (Pike)
Gerasimou (Walls)
Per. 4 - Gerasimou (Coulter)
Per. 5 - Gerasimou (Pike)

Don’t Forget To Remind Students - about tutoring in the library before and after school. This is a great resource for students who need a little extra help with Math, Language Arts, and Spanish. We hope to add Social Science and Science this semester.

Thought for the Week
“You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.” John Wooden

Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of February 9 – February 14, 2015

Monday, February 9
W F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. El Dorado 3:00/3:00/5:00 Home

Tuesday, February 10
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Brea JV & V 4:00/7:00 Brea Olinda HS
F/S 4:30 Home
W F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Villa Park JV & V 5:30/7:00 Home
F/S 4:00 Villa Park HS
M F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Canyon JV & V 2:45/4:00 Canyon HS
F/S 5:00 Fred Kelly Stadium
W F/S, JV & V Water Polo vs. Canyon 3:00/4:15/3:45 Home

Wednesday, February 11
W F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. El Modena V 7:00 Fred Kelly Stadium
F/S & JV 4:00/2:30 El Modena HS

Thursday, February 12
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Dorado JV & V 4:00/7:00 Home
F/S 4:30 El Dorado HS
W JV & V Basketball vs. Esperanza 2:45/5:30 Home
M F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. El Dorado 3:00/3:00/5:00 Home

Friday, February 13
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. El Modena JV & V 4:00/7:00 El Modena HS
F/S 4:30 Home
W F/S Water Polo @ F/S Championships TBD Canyon HS

Saturday, February 14
Happy Valentine’s Day!
W F/S Water Polo @ F/S Championships TBD Canyon HS

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