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Principal's Weekly Update #209

 Happy New Year! - Candy Plahy, Assistant Superintendent -enjoyed her visit on Tuesday and wished she could have stayed longer. She wants to thank the following teachers for the great things she saw in their classes: Colin Domene, Desi St.Amant, Kevin Shanahan, Sharon Farrell, Angelina Atmadja, Samiya Waheed, Kelly Fritz, Brent Hendry, Jenni Messick and Rich Cadra. She is checking her calendar to come back and enjoy the positive energy and student interaction with your classroom lessons. As she stated on her way out the door, “I can truly see why this is a great place for kids.” Thank You!!!

March 16, 2016 is our WASC Focus on Learning Mid-cycle Visit - Scott Mazurier has been working long hours to prepare our report and plan for the March 16th visit. Our visiting committee, Dr.William Brinegar and Ms. Jacqueline Barja will be here for one day to look at our progress on the 1) original visiting committee report, 2) current schoolwide action plan and 3) mid-cycle progress report.

Final Schedule is Out -
Tuesday, January 26 Full Day with testing in morning periods 1 & 2
Wednesday, January 27 Minimum Day with testing in periods 3 & 4
Thursday, January 28 Minimum Day with testing in periods 5 & 6
Friday, January 29 Non-student Day – teacher planning

Assembly Week – “Olympic Opening Ceremonies” – (1/11 – 1/15)
Dress Up Days
Tuesday – USA Day
Wednesday – Workout Wednesday
Thursday – Go for the Gold Sports Day
Friday – Class Colors

Wednesday morning ASB will decorate the quad in all of the class colors

Friday Assembly – Olympic Opening Ceremonies – video production – Assembly Schedule
Drumline & Trumpets enter officers with their flags
Rey announces the start of the YLHS Class Olympics playing 3 games to kick off the Olympics – need staff to volunteer to play in the games
Performances from Dance Company, Cheer and Song
Thought for the Week
“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas
and progress.” Charles Kettering
Yorba Linda High School – Meeting/Activity Schedule
Week of January 11 – January 16, 2016
Monday, January 11
W F/S & V Water Polo vs. Rosary 4:15/3:15 Home
Tuesday, January 12
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Foothill F/S 4:30 Home
JV & V 4:00/7:00 Foothill HS
M F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Villa Park F/S & JV 3:00 Villa Park HS
V 5:00 Fred Kelly Stadium
W JV & V Basketball vs. Foothill JV & V 2:45/5:30 Foothill HS
W JV & V Water Polo vs. El Dorado 4:15/3:15 Home
Wednesday, January 13
Workout Wednesday
W F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Foothill F/S & JV 3:00 Foothill
V 7:00 Tustin HS
F/S, JV & V Wrestling vs. El Modena 5:00/5:00/6:30 Home
Thursday, January 14
Go for the Gold Sports Day
M F/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Foothill 3:00/3:00/5:00 Home
Friday, January 15
Assembly Schedule – Class Colors Day
W F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Canyon F/S 3:00 Canyon HS
JV & V 2:45/5:30 Home
W V/S, JV & V Soccer vs. Canyon 3:00/3:00/5:00 Home
W V Water Polo @ Brahmas Tourney 3:00 Diamond Bar HS
M F/S, JV & V Basketball vs. Canyon F/S 4:30 Canyon HS
JV & V 4:00/7:00 Home
Saturday, January 16
F/S @ JV Wrestling vs. Villa Park 6:30 am Villa Park HS
V Wrestling @ 5 Counties Tourney 10:00 am Fountain Valley HS
W V Water Polo @ Brahmas Tourney TBD Diamond Bar HS
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