Students Place Third in US Association of Young Physicists Tournament

Yorba Linda High School Students Derrick Lin, Kevin Li, Ke Ni, and Haifan Chen escorted by science teacher Greg Walls:  placed 3rd in the US Association of Young Physicists Invitational Tournament in Lynchburg, Virginia at Randolph College on January 29, 2018.   

They also won the prestigious Bibishivilli Medal for excellence in physics. They were from the only public school to be invited to the competition and faced schools from throughout the United States, China, and Tunisia.

The students were very excited to compete and look forward to competing at the Rye Country Day School in New York next year. The students are forming a club on campus to encourage more students to pursue their interests in physics.

Next year's tournament will include extraterrestrial rainbows, Faraday's homopolar generator, juggling hammers, and exploding pneumatic tube systems.