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Club Information

Thank you all who participated in club rush. Please see the list of active clubs and get involved!

If you would like to start a club not in the list, please view the Club Handbook and complete the charter application and constitution for ASB approval. All club charter applications and constitutions must be typed, printed, and have required signatures. These are due to the Activities Office.


Please ensure your club uses the current documents on this web page. The application is available in the activities office or using the link below.

Below are the ASB approved clubs.

(we include clubs as we approve them)


Club Name Purpose
ABA Club Raise awareness about autism spectrum, act as an educational source, provides crucial support for kids with autism
ACEing Autism Teach tennis to children with cognitive disabilities, particularly those suffering from Autism, by conducting weekly tennis clinics. The club seeks to provide compassionate students the proper environment to explore ways to utilize tennis to benefit the community.
Aerospace and Astronomy Club (AAC) Enlighten fellow peers about the current events involving aerospace, to encourage participation in academics including aerospace, and special facts about astronomy
American Red Cross Get involved with Red Cross mission statement
Applied Justice Investigate in the area of law
Art with Autism Incorporate students with mental disabilities on campus by doing art and encouraging social interactions in order to improve the school experience for more students who might miss out otherwise
Asian Food Culture Club Learn about various Asian cultures and cuisines through discussing and sampling the various foods of different countries.
Asian Pacific Islander Student Union Expanding API pride on campus & promoting inclusivity through education, community service, advocacy, & the arts
Astronomy Club Gather a group of people with similar interest in astronomy and space exploration.
Beautiful Endearing Expressions (B.E.E.) Society Using students' creative artistic talents to create art and crafts through different artistic mediums with a purpose to donate to benefit those with needs
Black Student union Learn more about black culture and diversity
BlockCrafters Club Provide a platform for individuals who are passionate about understanding the intricacies of Lego manufacturing and design, bridging the gap between their fascination with Lego and the world of engineering
California Scholarship Federation Foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of students of the senior high schools in CA
CALL (Creating a Lifelong Leader Club) CALL Club's goal is to develop leaders within our school. We teach our members the importance of leadership and community on and off campus. CALL Club hopes that through our events, our members are able to learn valuable lessons on how they can take initiative and help others throughout their lives.
Cancer Awareness (formerly NEGU) Support kids fighting cancer across the world
Chinese Club Awareness & appreciation for Chinese culture
Classical Music Appreciation Club Spread awareness and appreciation of classical music
Climate Task Force Elevate awareness of climate change and actively contribute to the betterment of our environment. By forgetting collective engagement, advocating for change, and imparting knowledge, we strive to catalyze positive transformations, ignite sustainable behaviors, and pave the way for more environmentally conscious future, not only within our community but also on a global scale.
Community Hygiene Enrichment Work with local shelters and food banks to provide hygiene products/sanitation products
Criminal Justice and Forensics Club Introduce and familiarize students with the criminal justice and forensics field and provide them with possible career opportunities.
Crosspointe Youth Club Help students find and follow Jesus
Days for Girls The Days for Girls club advocates for young women who are forced to miss school during their menstrual period, and prepares/distributes menstrual health kits to girls around the world.
DECA Teach students about the different aspects of business and leadership
Dental Society Club Help students who are interested in a future dental career
Diversify Our Narrative YLHS To create more diversity in our education and having discussions regarding our school curriculum.
DIY Club To have fun making things of your own
Dreamcatchers To fulfill the end-of -life dreams of hospice patients, and creates powerful connections for younger and older generations.
Dungeons and Dragons Club To expose DND to a wider audience
E-Waste Recycling Club Promote awareness of e-waste and help safely recycle batteries
Elderly Empowerment Club Vouch for moral elderly treatment and create events that involve spending time with them
Endorphins Study Club It is hard to avoid procrastination at home when studying, a study environment is what we need.
Entrepreneurship Club To educate high school students about the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs
Fellowship of Christian Athletes To allow students a time of fellowship as well as a from the school day (at lunch) to hear an inspiring, Biblically based message from a guest speaker. Our hope and prayer is that each student who attends our meeting walks away with a life- changing knowledge of Jesus Christ and his eternal love for them
Filipino Culture Club To teach people about Filipino culture and create a loving community, which serving local charities.
Film Analysis Club To analyze and discuss films of interest and enjoyment
Fitness and Wellness Club (FAW Club) The purpose of this club is to mainly improve physical and mental health and build a community where every individual is respected.
Food and Friends A place to eat and make new friends
Foreign Film Club This club is to spread more diversity in films of different languages and cultures
French Club To educate students in french language and culture
Future Business Leaders of America Teach students about different aspects of business and leadership
Future for Fashion Learning fashion
Future Unchained Club Future Unchained is a non-profit organization established in 2018 by high school students. Through speaking out about human trafficking, we hope to create a safer community by educate the general population about this contemporary issue, raise awareness, and prevent human trafficking in our society.
German Club Promote German culture and language at YLHS
Gym Bros Club Create an inclusive environment for anybody who wants to begin their health journey or improve the path that they are already on.
Hockey Club Promote the sport of ice hockey and inform about opportunities to play high school hockey
How to survive High school 101 Seniors gives advice to YLHS student body
Immigrant Aid Association (IAA) Spread awareness on immigration
IMPACT CLUB This club will encourage Christian students to grow with their peers through fellowship, worship, games, community service, and more (influencing my peers as a Christian teen club).
Indian Club To spread awareness of Indian culture and to create a respectful environment to learn about foreign countries and customs.
Interact Club Work on project to help YL community
International Culture Exchange To discuss and learn about the history, politics, culture and much more of different countries.
International Mustang Volunteer Program International volunteer opportunities
Key Club An international, student- led organization that provides its members with opportunity to provide service, build character and develop leadership.
KIN (Kids In Need) To help children shelters in several ways.
Korean Culture Club To educate and inform students of the korean culture
Lab Medicine 101 Educate high school students on the practices and procedures of laboratory medicine and its relation to pathology. the goal is for club members to gain an understanding of the process of analyzing and diagnosing samples in connection with their clinical results. (Club is officially partnered with UCI Health)
Magic the Gathering Connect students by playing the card game Magic the Gathering.
Making Caring Common Spread kindness and make every student feel special.
Mathletes To create a team of students interested in math than can compete/participate in math and puzzle-solving events and competitions.
MESA (Middle Eastern South Asian) Appreciation Club allows diversity and shows off different cultures.
Morgan's Message This is a non profit organization that aims to eliminate the stigma around mental health within the student-athlete community, normalize and encourage the dialogue on mental health, equalize the treatment of physical and mental health in athletics, and empower those who feel alone and struggle with their emotions.
MSA (Muslim Student Association) Muslim Students Association is a close-knit and friendly community assisting YLHS Muslims with their practice of Islam and endeavors to promote understanding between Muslims and people of other faiths on campus.
Mustang Theatre Company The purpose of the Mustang Theatre Company is to allow members to share their passion and love of theatre with one another. Through this club, students will be able to form connections with their peers and participate in fun theatre related activities. The club promotes our talented performers and artists involved in our productions and performances
Mustang Wildlife Conservation Club The purpose of the Mustang Wildlife Conservation Club is to raise awareness about wildlife and environmental issues while actively participating in conservation efforts within our school community
National Alliance on Mental Illness Bring awareness to mental health issue for YLHS
National Honors Society (NHS) Student run club and branch of the national organization that seeks to serve our community, give scholarships, and give advantages to students.
Pre-Medical Club To introduce different medical occupations and exposure to medical activities.
Psychology Club To gather students who are interested in psychology; to give basic understanding of psychology to the students
Rally4Ecosystems Spread awareness of green issues and human impact on nature.
Referee Club The purpose is to help members with similar interests attain their referee licenses and get involved in the soccer community. After members have completed the necessary trainings to become official referees, we will work with them as well as the county assignor to sign up for games.
Romanian Culture Club To bring awareness and educate students about the country Romania and its culture
Science Olympiad Students to engage hands on in various stem activities
Self Defense Club The purpose of the club is to teach YLHS students important life skills of self defense.
Shark Bowl Host mock competitions by student participation to convince student judges to buy your product and provide volunteer opportunities related to customer service.
Surfrider Promote protection of the ocean
Teens Against Dangerous Driving The mission of Teens Against Dangerous Driving is to empower young individuals to take a stand against reckless behavior s on the road, promote safe driving habits, and ultimately reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities caused by dangerous driving among teenagers
Teens of OCRM The purpose if this club is to help and volunteer at the Orange County Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization that shelters, educates, and provides for those in need. This club provides children at the Orange County Rescue Mission an opportunity to gain learning experiences and valuable social skills through fundraisers and supervising/hosting fun or educational events. This is possible by going to the Village of Hope shelter in Orange County with the Valencia High School branch.
The BBQ Club Barbecue and knowledge to the student body
Turning Point USA at YLHS to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free market capitalism, and freedom through innovative campus activism and non-partisan, thought-provoking discussion.
Vive en Español Students learn spanish language & culture
YL Debate Club Students to grow their debating and persuasive skills.
YL Speakers To encourage students to build their public speaking skills
YLHS Model United Nations (UN) For students to meet with thousands of other students to take part in guides and workshops, which teach students how to make their simulations of the United Nations more accurate. Through encouraging Model UN clubs to take real action to support UN values. Many of today's leaders in law, government, business, and the arts - including at the UN itself - participated in Model UN as students.