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Club Information

The time has come to apply for YLHS clubs for the 2022-2023 school year. Please view the Club Handbook and fill out the Charter Application and Constitution for ASB approval. All club Charters Applications and Constitutions are due to the ASB Finance Office no later than December 23, 2022. Please ensure that your club uses the current documents located on this web page. 
Club Rush will take place on September 29-30 during lunch. 
Below are the ASB approved clubs.
Club Name Purpose of Club
ACEing Autism  
Ask Us Another YLHS Branch To learn about Chinese culture and help new Chinese immigrants adapt to their new lives through various activities and fundraising.
BBQ Club To make donate creative goods (arts and crafts) to organizations that specialize in helping those less fortunate.
Beautiful Endearing Expression Society to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California.
California Scholarship Federation To create a lifelong leader
CALL club This club will give students many opportunities to help those in need. They will help pack snack bags or help sort through donations.
Charity on Wheels  
Chess Club To learn and experience the Chinese culture.
Chinese Club To raise climate change awareness and do all we can to help the environment around us.
Climate Task Force To learn about code and populize coding.
Coding Club To support a creative community here on campus and to publish two literary magazines
Creative Publications Club To help students improve their creative writing through workshops and writing prompts.
Creative Writing Club To provide a safe and calm place where people are able to make friends and meet others who want to learn how to crochet and knit.
Crochet and Knit Club  
Days for Girls To promote diveristy within our school.
Diversify Our Narrative  
Dumbledore's Army To play D&D and make friends
Dungeons and Dragons Club Promote awareness of e-waste and help safely recycle batteries
E-Waste Recycling Club Help people with common interests about football come together to discuss and watch NFL games and go over Fantasy Football things. Help people win their leagues, and give people a place to make new friends with common interests.
Fantasy Football Club To encourage a positive community for fellowship and growth that welcomes everyone
Fellowship of Christian Athletes To eat food with your freinds while posting reveiws on social media and make occasional dontations to homeless shelters.
Fishing club To spread diversity and culture through films.
Food and Friends To provide aid to the surrounding community of Yorba Linda and North Orange County at large, by partnering with local soup kitchens to participate in solving global hunger issues.
Foreign Film Club To help students develop a strong foundation of both education and business. This includes providing a basis for building leadership skills, academic proficiency, and preparations for future careers.
French club to allow students learn more. about the fashion industry. and experiment wiith crafts
Friends of the Community Through speaking out about human trafficking, we hope to creat a safer community by educate the general population about this contemporary issue, raise awareness, and prevent human trafficking in our society.
Future Business Leaders of America To help build a community of women learn communicative, marketing, and leadership skills all while having fun! There will also be internship opportunities.
Future for Fashion Club Help promote interest in the study of German language, literature, and civilization.
Future Unchained Club To fundraise money to donate to a nonprofit chairity that buys mosquito nets for people in Africa to protect them from Malaria.
Generation She To educate high schoolers on how to live a healthy life physically and mentally through excersie and eating habits.
German Club To create a community of Hispanic/Latino Students on campus.
Global Net  
Health and Fitness  
Hispanic and Latino Student Union create a safe environment for students to fellowship with one another
Hockey Club to tackle issues in our community and create hands-on projects to take action and find solutions.
IMPACT Youth Group Help people learn about Japanese culture and experience different aspects of Japanese culture through activities.
Interact Club to give back to our community
Japanese and Anime Club Allow students to learn more about Korean culture while meeting others with simliar interests
Key Club To introduce high school students to the practice of Laboratory Medicine and its relation to Pathology and the field of Medicine. The goal is for club members to gain an understanding of the process of diagnosing and analyzing samples in connection with their clinical results.
Korean Culture Club to encourage students to read and analyze literature and to look further into books/short stories/poetry
Lab Medicine Club  
Literature Club To collaborate with other students in solving interesting math problems and ultimately competing in nationwide events.
Magic the Gathering Club to increase awareness about the medical field and to discuss the current topics about medicine.
Mathletes bring awaness to the unique issues in different cultures and learn about connection between different people
Medical Club Bring the joy of theater alive and spread information of current shows, comedy sport matches, and more.
Multicultural Club Ethic bowls are competitive yet collaborative events in which we discuss real-life ethical issues to promote critical thinking, civil discourse, civic engangement, and an appreciation fro multiple points of view.
Mustang Theater Company  
National High School Ethics Bowl To help students become more aware of the world around them and form opinions of their own on societal happenings.
Next Step To build bridges for the community serving Yorba Linda High School students and the nationally recognized President’s Volunteer Service awards
Political Social Activist Club gain basic knowledge about psychology and the different careers in this field
President's Volunteer Service Award Club To help students obtain their referee license and collectively schedule future games.
Psychology Club  
Referee Club To bring awareness and educate students about the country Romania and its culture. This club will broaden students' world view and expose them to different traditions.
Ripple Club educate students on how to save trees to combat climate change, and hosting engaging activities
Romanian Culture Club help student manage their stress in a health way and better themselves
Saving Our Planet  
Self Care Club Bringing people together through sports that can share their own ideas and opinions.
South Asian Cultural Association Currently running a robotics program in PYLUSD to provide younger students the opportuntiy to participate in quality STEM programs.
Sports Debate Club The purpose of the club is to relieve people’s stress and being less tense through exercises. Also, educate people on stress, how it is caused, how it can affect your life, and what you can do to destress yourself.
Stress Less Club  
Teens of OCRM  
The BBQ Club Inform others, if they wish to know, about our faith and what we stand for, Unite people of other faiths as well to come together and learn from each other
Create a loving and welcoming space for all
The Breakfast Club  
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Club To educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, freedom, and capitalism, through innovative campus activism and non-partisan, thought-provoking discussion.
The Mustang Gavel Club To work with the Free the Children/WU Schools organization in order to make differences locally and globally by volunteering our efforts and raising money for the less fortunate and collecting food/supplies. Many of our fundraisers focus on helping children in impoverished countries who are unable to help themselves.
Turning Point USA to make sure no kid sits alone and has friends to eat wih at lunch which ensures a good high school experience for everyone.
WE Club bring awarness about women and create a safe place. Also to uplift each other.
We Eat Together To build courage, communication, and leadership skills through public speaking practices.
Wonder Women: Women Empowerment Club To educate members about LGBTQ+ issues and bring people together.
YL Speakers bring awareness to mental health issues
YL trading/stocks  
YLHS Gay Straight Alliance Provide students community service chances
YLHS National Alliance on Mental Illness To eat and smoke meats as well as bringing students together from what the love
Yorba Linda High School Red Cross Share passion for fishing and guide others in the art
Youth and Beyond