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Academic Studies Guidance Plan 14-15

Here is the Academic Studies Guidance Book.  It is a great source for students to help with Graduation, College information and Acceptance guidelines, Post Secondary Paths, and information to get a job.  The district is not providing it anymore, so you can find it here.  

Dear Parents,


            Welcome back to school!  And welcome to Yorba Linda High School.  I hope this letter finds you rested from the summer and ready to help your child in his or her transition to high school.  With this course, and your encouragement, your student will be ready for the next four years at Yorba Linda High School and for the transition to becoming an adult.  We have an exciting semester planned in our Academic Studies and Career Planning class and I would like to take this opportunity to share our course with you.

            This course is designed to help students make a successful transition from the middle school to high school and from high school to higher education and the working world.  During the first two weeks we will orient your child to high school.  This is designed to help each student feel at home here at YLHS.  Then we will spend some time developing Study Skills.  During the rest of the course we are going to assess our individual strengths, desires, and dreams.  With this reflection on “who we are” each student will be able to investigate career fields and find the jobs, which fit his or her individual talents and needs.  To accomplish this we will be using a website called “Kuder”.  We will be introducing “Kuder” to our freshman and they will be able to continue using “Kuder” thought out there high school time and beyond to assist them in find a job, a college, and learning about themselves.  We will be researching career fields by using the resources from the library and will continue our investigation with individual research.  The students will also spend time “job shadowing” so that they can experience the work environment first hand.  The final project for this class will be a written and oral report where each student will be able to research particular fields of interest.  Throughout the semester we will be working in the computer lab to fulfill the district technology standards.

            Our ultimate goal, besides learning good study skills and researching possible fields of interest, is to formulate a High School Plan and a Post Secondary Plan that fits the needs and desires of each student.  I am excited to help your teenager on this journey.

            I have included a copy of our classroom rules.  I am asking for your support and understanding of the behavior expectations that I require for all 38 students in each of my classes.  We do many classroom projects and we are continually collaborating in groups.  A positive attitude and continual respect for the rules and class are essential.  I enforce school rules such as the dress code, the tardy policy and absentee work…

            Please spend some time looking through our material, homework, and projects.  There will be times where your teenager will need your input and help.  I hope that you enjoy discussing the course content with your son or daughter.  Your teenager needs to have your support as they plan for their future. 

            It is my hope that we will be in contact throughout the time your teenager is in my class.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.  My school phone number is 714) 986-7500 ext. 14303.  My conference is 5th period every day.  However, the easiest way to get in contact with me is through email, which is jbailey@pylusd.org.



Thank you for your Support,



Mr. Jeff Bailey