Bienvenue ! Welcome! 2021-2022

Welcome back students in French class!  You can read new information posted here.  
Students will be following lessons on Google Classroom and turning in assignments on time.  If students are absent, always check GC and do the work.  Late work is accepted if there are special circumstances.  Students are responsible to make up tests and quizzes as soon as possible so not to fall behind.  I will be updating Aeries at least once a week.  Assignments will include:
Participation: Doing classwork, asking questions, speaking, writing
Hwk: any work assigned should be turned in on time, as we go over in class if needed.
Independent Online work: posted on GC and students should READ instructions carefully and turn in work the same day in class or next day at the latest.
Quizzes/Tests: Usually on the chapters or subjects we are covering.
Packet pages: Usually done in class to practice vocabulary and grammar.
Projects/Dialogues: For speaking and writing 
Songs/Movies: Doing vocabulary sheets and assignments.
Extra Credit: Will be given to students during the year.  I will advise what possibilities there are.
For fun:
This year, we will try to have a lot of French club activities, make sure you sign up for French Club!
Field Trips: We will try to see if we can go on a field trip to the Getty Center, if not, we will try to do a virtual trip on Zoom like last year.  You can earn extra credit.
Europe Summer trip: in Summer 2022, I will be taking students to 4 countries with ACIS, an educational student tour company.  As a French teacher, I've taken students and parents to visit France and other countries to learn and practice their French and most importantly have an amazing cultural experience and making new friends!  (this trip is a not a district related trip, it's with a great tour company that covers insurance, etc..)
This is the link for next year's trip if you would like more information or to sign up:
Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.  Parents are welcome and students from other classes are welcome, should you want to travel with friends.
Wishing everyone a pleasant school year!