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Welcome to the new school year! Students can find all course information on Google Classroom. 

 Language Arts 2 Course Overview

Language Arts 2 is a one-year college-preparatory course in which literature is used as the basis for expanding upon current skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Class assignments and activities will be based on these areas, which encompass the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts (grades 9-10). Students will read and analyze selections in the genres of nonfiction, short story, drama, poetry, and the novel.

Speech and Debate Course Overview 

Speech and Debate is a 7th period course in which academic competition is the basis for developing essential skills of critical thinking, communication, research, and language. This course allows students the opportunity to participate in tournaments and the curriculum is designed to establish a basic foundation for communication skills. Speech and Debate is a UC-approved course, encompasses the California Common Core Standards, and offers 5 credits each semester.