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Nam, Mavis » Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

Year 2018-2019
Dear students and parents,
Welcome to a new school year!
I am so excited to have your children as my student in my classroom! 
I look forward to a great year as we all learn and grow together.
The following is a list of classroom rules I use from year to year.
- Late work is accepted ONE day late for 50% credit. Incomplete work NOT accepted.
If a student misses class for any reason they are responsible to find out what assignments were collected and assigned, as well as, what subjects were covered in class. (ask the teacher/classmates)
- If an assignment is due on the day of an absence, students will make it up or turn it in on the day they return. If a student is absent on a test day due to legitimate reasons, the student must make arrangements to take a make-up test. The make-up test must be taken within THREE days of his/her return to school. Make-up exams will be at the instructor’s convenience.
- I will be available before school, some days after school, and at lunch for help and to make up work.
- Homework is collected/checked at the BEGINNING of the period and expected to be completed at home.
- Students are expected to be in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings. On the third tardy, hours/detention will be assigned.
- Gum, food, and drinks are not allowed in the classroom. Water must be kept in students backpack.
- No electronic devices (ipods, smart phones, tablets, etc.) are allowed out in the classroom.
Grades will be based upon:
• Quizzes and tests, announced and unannounced
• In-class assignments and activities
• Homework assignments and projects
• Participation
• Oral presentations
• Final exam
Throughout the year, students will use Edmodo.com to monitor their tasks: upcoming quizzes, tests, presentations, and when a new lesson begins. For Chinese 1 and 2 students, they will also use Quizlet.com to access vocabulary flashcards on their phone and/or the computer.
As always, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.
Mavis L. Nam 老師
714-986-7500 x.14508