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Culinary Arts & Hospitality

INSTRUCTOR: Jenni Messick
The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Pathway includes the following courses:
Introduction to Culinary Arts (1st course): This is the introductory course required by each entering MCA student. Students are exposed to proper food handling processes and procedures needed to create fundamental culinary dishes. Students are educated on professionalism within a fully developed commercial/industry based kitchen. 
Culinary Arts (2nd course): This is the concentration course that follows the introductory course in the pathway. Students expand their knowledge to broaden their culinary creations. Students will engage in exposure to real life hospitality, management, and food service projects. 
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management (3rd course): This is the capstone course in the pathway and required for completion of the pathway. Students receive their food handling certification, professional development in the industries of hospitality management, and use their knowledge to craft resumes and cover letters.  
Hotel & Hospitality Management (CC) or Retail Restaurant (CC/CVE): One of these courses may be taken in leu of the capstone class listed above. This ROP course allows for students to meet their work-based learning requirement by using their classroom skills in a real world workplace. Sign up with your Counselor if interested. 
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