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Buchan, Kelly » 2018-19 School Year!

2018-19 School Year!

Welcome Mustangs!

This is my Fifteenth year as a social studies teacher and my tenth as a Mustang. Previously, I spent five great years at Bernardo Yorba Middle School.

This year I will be teaching world and AP European history. Also, I will be the coach of our Academic Decathlon team.

Parents AND Students! Please sign up for my text service through Remind.com I will send texts with historical information that can be beneficial. See website for information. Additionally, all students need to sign up for google classroom. I'll post many things w/in it that you will be responsible for. Glad to have you and I'm very excited to be with you for the year!
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The idea of CENTRALIZED government is that a king or a leader(or a government) will be the CENTRAL authority of that country. Examples of this would be the Pope in the Catholic Church. NO MATTER where you in the world (today, too) the Pope is the unchallenged leader. Kings, especially dudes we'll call the NEW MONARCHs, will seek to CENTRALIZE their authority.  When we talk about the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) we'll see that it's HUGE. However, it's SUPER DOOPER DE-CENTRALIZED. Yeah, they have an emperor BUT he holds little power. THE HRE is broken up into over 300 different states, principalities, margravates, etc with their own leaders. Yeah, they recognize the Emperor, but they pretty much do their own thing. Throughout the year we'll see kings assert their authority. Then we'll see govtss assert their authority into the CENTER of their country. Efforts to challenge CENTRALIZATION will occur throughout our year. When you think about De-CENTRALIZED govt, think "LOCAL" government. Think the State of California V. that of the Federal govt in Washington dc. 
Urban centers, "BIG CITIES!" will emerge first in "italy." Why? See your notes but remember "geography is destiny." The dark ages was feudal, a terrific example of decentralized authority. The creation of the big urban centers will put POWER in the hands the growing merchant class, the business dudes. The OLD Rich (traditional feudal lords) will be jealous. The NEW Rich will demand respect. They represent the future. 
The thinkers, the scholars and rock stars of the Early Renaissance were focused on learning about how those dudes in Antiquity thought. Medieval art was ONLY religious. Renaissance art will be considered "Pagan" by conservative folks who believed in tradition. Soon, however, the Pope will embrace the idea of the Renaissance. Live for today! Enjoy life! To many people, primarily in Northern Europe, these EARTHLY pursuits and VICE will be seen as not only sinful, but bad. They'll soon challenge the authority of the Catholic Church---IN THE NORTH!! The Italian Renaissance goes and celebrates ALL THING GRECO-ROMAN! Let's enjoy life! However, debauchery and vice will become all too frequent. 
A REAL HUMANIST studies the HUMANITIES!! Also, can you USE your knowledge. THEY HATE tradition, the QUESTION things. During the Middle Ages (medieval, dark ages) focused on tradition. A humanist would QUESTION WHY!!!? They'll look directly at literature to understand things rather than rely on what some one tells them. Virtue, wisdom. These are cool things---stuff a humanist strove for. Let's be WELL ROUNDED, not one dimensional! Contemporary example.....You guys all take history, foreign language, literature, science, math, maybe band, maybe sports, maybe for theatre, maybe art. You're WELL rounded. You don't just come to school to take AP EURO.
How did Lorenzo Valla's study of language serve him and the cause of humanism? Did it embarrass the Catholic Church? How? How might later enemies of the Catholic Church use what he PROVED(by the way, he was a VERY loyal Catholic) to attack the AUTHORITY of the Catholic Church?? Consider these important themes. See if you can figure them out

Summer Help 2018-19

Go to google classroom and get the stuff! It'll make your life much easier. Also, i can see if logged in check this material, too

2018-19 AP Euro kids

Welcome! I am VERY excited to be your European History teacher for next year. For most of you, this will be your first Advanced Placement course. We will discuss many of the demands and expectations tonight at AP Night. In addition, i will post HERE the required remind.com password to add to our class as well as the google classroom code. Students must sign up for both accounts-it will be your first assignment of the year. Due: June 11, 2018. I will post your summer homework, INCLUDING a PDF of the summer reading on google classroom. Your class will be the first to use the brand new text books. Home work, which will be located on google classroom, is due the 1st day of school. No exceptions. Additionally, there will be an exam on the summer reading on the first day of school. DO NOT wait 'til the last week of summer to begin the reading, it's tough! Also, throughout the summer, I will post things either on remind.com or google classroom which will make the course a bit less daunting. Don't be frustrated if you're not familiar with many of the terms, they're new to you! Don't be frustrated if you don't understand-immediately-the difference between DE-centralized government (feudalism pre 1450) and CENTRALIZED govt. Don't be worried if you're not familiar with the structure of the Roman Catholic Church, AKA The Church. You'll better understand by doing the reading AND by looking at things I send you. This class requires a lot of attention but I am here EVERY step of the way to ensure you are doing your very best. Remind instructions have been attached. Google classroom code is capruj     DO NOT hesitate to ask for help, I'm here to help you do your very best so ASK if you need clarification or anything. Best of luck!- Mr Buchan

Cold War-LONG Telegram, MARSHALL PLAN!!

The historic differences between East and West are things we've discussed since the beginning of the course. The West was rooted in roman catholicism (then the reformation) it's language was based on the vulgate of latin and evolved into specific vernaculars. The Russian language and alphabet was Cyrillic, it was NOT based on LATIN. The Eastern orthodox church played an enormous roll in what it means to be "Eastern", russian or just "Slavic." The East never had an "Enlightenment." It had few (in fact they try to fight a series of wars to get access) to war water ports which precluded diversity of knowledge, new ideas, new peoples' etc...As the west liberalized and east (specifically Russia and it's sphere of influence throughout the east) held on to it's themes of Autocracy, Slavism, and Orthodoxy. Lot's of pride in being from the east.
Now, was the cold war inevitable? Communism(although what was in USSR was NOT communism, it was a "Re-run" of the autocracy(stalin replacing the czar and the state replaces orthodoxy) existed DUE TO THE INEQUALITIES of capitalism. The two were incompatible. Stalin was ruthless. The west desired a rebuilt (Marshall Plan!) europe to promote democracy and capitalism. According to George Kennan, an american diplomat, who wrote the "The Long Telegram" in 1946 said that Russian (therefore Soviet) "insecurity" of the west would make it impossible to have peace w the West. Kennan said (of the USSR) "it's impervious to the logic of reason, but it was highly sensitive to the logic of force." BE STRONG AGAINST THEM!!!! Soviets had always been threatened from nomadic tribes from the East and also army's from teh West. New ideas FROM the west alway "threatened" them, too. Remember! (triad-orthodoxy, nationalism, autocracy)
Truman will stand tough against stalin. Containment will become us policy for decades, Truman doctrine will seek to help countries fighting outside communist influence in their country. The US, based on Kennan's telegram, commits itself to fighting communism globally. That being said, Stalin went back on his yalta promises at Potsdam, supported the spread of his sphere of influence in satellite countries in Eastern Europe, arms race, LATER the Berlin wall. That being said.....the US AND the Soviets will engage in large scale espionage

Right V Left?

This might be helpful. Remember. Communism is EXTREME left wing. Fascism is EXTREME right wing. Both hate one another. Laborers, the poor, the intellectuals would often turn to the left whereas the conservative class, industrialists, middle class, the Church would turn to the Right. They had EVERYTHING to lose by a communist victory. 
---Leon Blum will get elected to lead the Third Rep. He is LEFT Wing and represents the "Popular Front." (Note, anytime/everytime you see "popular front" think left wing. Anytime/everytime you see "national front" think Right wing). He promotes many reforms for the people of France. Two week paid vacation, the right to form unions AND strike. The ability to go on vacation is transformative for so many. Many workers in the interior of France had never seen their country. NOW they could go. Lot's of fun pictures/postcards of French people playing in an Ocean they would have NEVER seen before. Of course, the old conservative class will be annoyed by all of this. PAID VACATION!!!??? Right to strike? New demands for workers?!!!!!  When the Nazi's defeat France, many on the right are happy to "collaborate" with the occupying power. "Better to be ruled by Hitler than governed by Blum!" 
*********SPorts!!! The fascists will use sports to show the glory of the nation, the superiority of their people. Sports in countries like France will be to create a better, well rounded person. Also, as war between Germany and the West is becoming clearer, it'll serve to better prepare young men to be conditioned physically and mentally. Summer oLYMPICS ARE HELD IN BERLIN, 1936. IT SHOWCASES THE  "New Germany", the so called "Master Race." African American sprinter Jesse Owens defeats the NAZI sprinter. IT IS ALSO FILMED!!!!! High quality, propaganda by LENI RIEFENSTAHL (KNOW HER)

SPanish Civil War


Fascism starts in Italy, then Germany and then successfully takes hold in Spain. In spain, however, there is a TERRIBLE civil war. There is a war between those that REPUBLICANS(those that supported a republic. They would seek the support of the soviet union as well as other nations and people---including many americans who supported the concept of republicanism) V. the Nationalists. The latter were supported by the fascists in italy and Germany and represented the military, supported by conservative forces--monarchists, the wealthy, the church, and ANTI-COMMUNISTS!! The Republican forces called for modernization, a republic, a separation between church and state. When the 20th century began in spain, Spain was totally behind everyone else. Remember, the last time we spoke of spain we saw them have to fight Napoleon's occupying army by using guerrilla warfare. The traditional power in Spain @beginning of 20th century was the "Army, the Church, and the King." Spain was really behind everyone in europe due to it's failures to embrace the scientific revolution, then the enlightenment. SYNTHESIS! Remember, the Inquistion played very powerful role in punishing advocates of modernity or anything that challenged Spain's "Traditional" leaders. ***Both italiy and Germany will support the Spanish Nationalists. Spanish civil war often referred to as the "Dress Rehearsal" of ww2 due to it's use of new , TERRIBLE weapons as well as the fight between fascism and communism(eastern front) 
Fascism believed in traditional roles for people. Women, STAY home and have children, raise the children. Mussolini, although not a religious man at all, will seek the approval of the Catholic Church in the Lateran accords. The compromise will give the Church's approval to the fascists in return for the Church controlling education, ending divorce, ending birth control,and later the prohibition of marriage between Jews and Italians in Italy, AND created the Vatican-the official state of the Catholic Church and the Pope as the head of this sovereign country. Before this, the Pope had basically lived in self imposed (there had been i think four popes since Italy's unification) exile or house arrest at the vatican do to his hatred of the birth of the Kingdom of Italy which promoted secularism. (remember! Syllabus of Errors!) What both the fascists and the Church shared in common was a HATRED of the Communists. 
Hitler and Mein Kampf. In his book Hitler basically outlines ALL of the things he wishes to see for Germany. Beyond the destruction of the Jews, he also points out the need to destroy lesser "sub human" people like the Slavs in Eastern Europe. This term "sub human" will be used to describe those that the Nazi's were fine w exterminating. He also called for "Living Space" or "Lebensraum" for the New Germany, the Third Reich. This would entail the destruction of the slavic peoples as well as the occupation of Eastern Eurpe and Russia. 
For Hitler, the new impromptu interpretive works of art were nonsense. Jazz music was terrible due to African American heritage. Things that were great were German books, German music (WAGNER!) and traditional art.

End of War, Age of Anxiety

 find it hard to argue that ANYONE wins ww1. To be sure, the USA emerges as a VERY dominate world power. Relatively untouched by the War, Pres Wilson announces his 14 points and the League of Nations appears as a "cure" for future wars. That is, IF they USA decides to join the organization they created. They will propose the Dawes Plan which will alleviate immediate problems, not lONG TERM. The US will back off though follow through and war, hate, far right nationalism, resentment, will grow in the 1920's SUCCESSFULLY first in Italy THEN Germany.
**With the Kaiser gone, the new Weimar DEMOCRACY will emerge. It will be the govt that signs the surrender. To those on the Right...this democracy, this LIBERALISM (franchise, democracy, equality, tolerance...basically enlightened ideas that WERE NOT at the heart of the Germany we have learned about.) will stab the Germany they loved in the back. The army, conservativism, etc. Civil servants, teahcers, and those who'd worked for the kaiser didn't like it they; they like the kaiser! The Officer Corp(the military leadership who REMEMBER were rooted in Prussian Militarism) HATED it. They loved conservativism. Hated liberalism and saw these ideas of surrender, especially when germany occupied n france as hateful. That being said, Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution will become VERY handy for the Nazi's when they are voted in to power in the '30's. 
Let's think about this..  WHY Weimar? You had basically at the end of the war a revolution in Germany. A communist rev had just been successful(ish) in Russia, Gemrany was the real prize. Industrialized, rich(ish), educated the Social Democratic Party of Germany took the initiative and created the Weimar rep when Wilhelm abdicated. This was done because fighting in the streets (in Bavaria in particular WHIHC will also be the birthplace of Nazism) had a temporary communist victory. Those loyal to the conservative Germany will ultimately crush this revolt and will call attention to the fact that many of the leaders of the communists there were jewish. The Freikorp, will form. They were ANGRY veterans from the war will not tolerate this left  wing communism in their germany. Veterans of the war, like adolf hitler will return home.He'll go to Munich (the capitol of the german state of bavaria..) B4 the war, he had lived in VERY open, free, artistic, liberal, Vienna. He tried to make it as an artist. while he could draw, he was not unique in his ability to create anything new. He hated vienna. Hated the people, hated the new ideas, the multi culturalism(remember, austria SUPER diverse) He will, along w others on the far right, equate liberalism, Marxism, multi culturalism w being the ENEMY of what a Germany should (was, could, might be. The dude was a total romantic. He glorified all germanic beliefs. Wagner, germanic myths, blood nationalism, the idea of the German Volk) The the Nazi party that emerged, the idea of "socialist" will not be what it is everywhere else. It espoused EXTREME nationalism. There is an ENORMOUS contrast between what we've learned about what "socialism" is and what "National Socialism" in Germany will be. ALL things work to serve the betterment of the state whereas in traditional socialism, the state serves to make the lives of the PEOPLE better. 
The US, thanks to massive DE-REGULATION and the desire for  a "return to normalcy" (a term coined by the then super popular future president Harding.....now decried as one of the WORST in history) helped create a MASSIVE american economy. Roaring 20's. They'll help Germany w the Dawes plan. Things are ok for a bit in Germany. Then the economic collapse of '29 (you'll see this in APUSH) ruins the american economy which keeps them from helping Germany. German economy collapse and the desire to make Germany Great Again emerges. The Far Right wing Nazi party is overwhelmingly elected. "Someone" will burn the Reichstag(the german capitol down) down. It MUST be the communists!! (who HATE nazi's and totally vice versa!) "Communists are often Jewish!" (nazi ideology) Article 48 MUST be implemented. Birth of THIRD REICH.
Th e1920's referred to as Age of Anxiety for many reason. New art, new philosophical ideas, cultural changes, Existentialism("Meaning in a meaningless world.")   

Lenin, Bolsheviks, REVOLUTION!

Don't get confused when you see October/Nov rev or Feb/March rev. Remember, the calendar is different in the west than in the East. Gregorian Calendar V the Julian Calendar. So it's November in the West BUT Oct in Russia-in the Eastern Orthodox world
Let's remember that in Russia they believed in that triad of Nationalism, Orthodoxy, and Autocracy. The Czar was at the center of this belief as SOLE head of the country and religious leader. This Czar, Nicholas the II is dumb. He's really dumb. He likes to be Czar but hates to work, no interest in it. Also....he's married to a German woman who was educated in England. SHE IS A TOTALY WESTERNER!!!!!! Russians always distrust the west and she was no different. As the war went badly, they blamed her saying that she was secretly spying on Russia for Germany. She was NOT spying. BUT....in a country tired of war angry at their idiot king (remember, the humiliating defeat by Japan in the Russo_-Japanese war?) she, like marie antoinette will become the symbol of absolutism, of decadence and a need for change. After russo japanse war, there is a revolution--1905. 
***Note, like Austrian-Hungarian Empire russia was SUPER SUPER DIVERSE. Lots of nationalities in it's empire. What do nationalities crave by the end of the 19th century and certainly by 20th? 
Rev of 1905. People are angry. Poor, nationalities(mad due to russification by super conservative Alex II--he also hated jews. His son Nickolas not much better. His thugs are responsible for writing and forging that Anti Semitic book, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) , liberals, the educated. The Liberals will demand that the Czar create a Duma---a Parliament that will help he lead. essentially what the liberals wanted was a constitutional monarchy that would rule. They will demand free speech, elections, freedom of religion(liberal ideas) 
October Manifesto written by Sergei Witte stopped the strikes in st petersburg. It was given to the czar to sign and granted formation of POLITICAL parties, basic civil rights, extending the franchise, AND creation of a Duma. the czar whined and was angry but signed. CONSERVATIVES furious. There is a conservative backlash in Russia. Liberals, socialist, AND jews targeted. 
***The Russian Socialist Democratic Labor Party was an outlawed party from the 1880's til 20th century. Rooted in Marxist goals.  Lenin will join it in like 1902. Two groups, "factions" {think Jacobins V Girondins in French rev) emerge. The Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. Lenin will lead the Bolshevik faction, it will be HIGHLY centralized, disciplined and will focus on the educated workers. The "Vanguard" will lead. The people will follow and obey. What we'll get w Lenin's version of "Communism" is not the idea of communism espoused by Marx.(w marx, suffrage, free speech, etc) Lenin will say that a Vanguard will tell you what to do. You will obey. You'll essentially get "state capitalism." (ill explain later

chapter9B (1)

This is PART TWO of your reading. Some tips.....So after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 C.E. you have the end of centralized authority that had come directly from Rome's leadership. It  had been dissolving, anyway, for a few centuries but with it's collapse, you'll have the collapse of a "unifying" authority to direct Europe. What'll happen is that the different European "states" will devolve into what's called feudalism (you covered this is 7th grade) You'll have NO central authority to guide much of anything. Germany doesn't exist, nor does Italy, France doesn't either-really. England won't look anything like it does even by the 15th Century (the 1400's) Life is SHORT, SCARY, DANGEROUS, UNPREDICTABLE. The ONLY thing people had going for them was the hope of Salvation-the hope that when they died, they'd go to Heaven. The "keys" to get into Heaven-in Western Europe-were controlled by the only "centralizing" authority-----The Catholic Church. It was based in Rome. The leader of the Church was a man with the title of "Pope." The Papacy (the office the Pope held) would become incredibly political as the centuries went on---AND rooted in "Italy." (i put quotes around "italy"because it does not yet exist, BUT it's an geographic location) Basically, the Pope is seen as the "King" of the Catholic Church. The Cardinals-who support the Pope, are kinda like the "Princes" of hte Catholic CHurch. Your reading will discuss the politicization of both the Papacy and the Church. France will begin to unify and will become a bit of a rival to the traditional Roman Popes. Perhaps there will be a French Pope? Perhaps the head of hte Church will leave Rome and go to France??? Perhaps some folks will begin to see the Church as "foreign" as "Roman."  GOOD LUCK! IF YOU NEED HELP, EMAIL!! Don't be afraid to seek help, this stuff is tough.

Chapter9A (2)

I'm attaching TWO files for you to read. CHapter 9a and Chapter 9b. You need to read BOTH in preparation for the exam, 650 AM on Tuesday April 10th. Give yourself time to read it and analyze the content. This class is not about how much you can memorize but how much you can connect broad themes together. Do your best! If you're waiting til the night before the exam to do the reading, you'll know you are not ready for the class. I'd do about 4 pages at a time. The reading is very tough dry. I'll give you some tips on the next post. 

Belle Epoque! some art WW!-Marne and Valmy?

Impressionism...1863ish what the eye "perceives and the brain understand are TWO" totally different things. Some of the art depicts life in Von Hausmann's new Paris. Lots of just regular folks living their lives. Bars, hanging out, parks, walking, eating. It (at least in this context) will focus on the alienation of living life in a big city; really the FIRST modern Big City. This was new, revolutionary art. It was the time of Napoleon the III. Many folks looked at the art and were like "what IS this."The idea that it all looked like sketches, that they weren't done yet.  In 1863 things will begin to change in the art world. Much of the NEW art is refused entrance into the annual Art Salon event due to the CONSERVATIVE world of Napoleon III's 2nd Empire. The folks' who are not allowed complained and Napoleon III, who remember, began allowing more free expression in the 2nd half of his reign, said essentially let the refused artists have their own exhibit. They did! The Salon des Refuse. Lots of NEW artist made their mark here. Manet, Pissaro. The master of it all is Claude Monet. A work of his "Impression" will help create the NAME of the movement
Post Impressionism came next. 1880s Here, you'll get Cezanne, Seurat(pointillism) Van Gogh, Gaugin,Cezanne. Emphasis on emotions and memories of the artist here. Remember, Van gogh was a very emotional guy. 
Lots of stuff happening in France at the end of the 19th century. What a time it must have been to be alive. I really like looking at the Exposition of 1889. To my knowledge, it's basically the World Fair or what in the 20th Century will be Expo.... I'd refer to it as Exposition of 1889. Look at the year. Its 100th Anniversary of something that took place in Paris 100 years before. See way below to continue....
The new Paris also offered business opportunities. How? WHY? Emile Zola-who also wrote J'Accuse mastered the writing of realism referred to Department Stores as "Cathedrals of Modernity." The new paris was vibrant, alive, and promoted consumerism. The Cathedrals of Modernity offered much in fact many women will work at them. They also hurt the small business. Capitalism. 
Look at the Third Republic. 
Pan Slavism---This could be a legacy of Nationalism that is promoted by Russia and to be sure Serbs! The latter now feel a bit liberated w the Ottoman Empire in Decline. Hey! What was the "Eastern Question" all about? 
Schliefen Plan. Germany's ONLY plan. Invade through neutral Belgium. (this would bring GB in but germany hoped they would not or would be a non factor) then PUSH down to paris. THEN off to crush Russia. This would avoid Bismarck's great fear (although he's long been dead) of a TWO Front WAR; Western Front, Eastern Front. 
Remember...the Battle of Valmy in 1792 SAVED france from the european powers who'd advanced into France. They were conservative forces (of course) and would have restored Louis and end the revolution. It was a CITIZEN effort. Volunteers , sans coulotte, AND regular army soldier. Battle of the Marne, 1914 the French are saved by stopping the Gerrman in N. France. Trench warfare will ensue. Both battles, linked together could be used a synthesis as "saving" france.
Yes! 100th anniversary of the French Revolution! The Exposition will also "unveil" the building of the Eiffel Tower. It'll be the tallest man made structure in the world for like 3o years. It was made of iron and utilized modern scientific and engineering techniques. It'll also have a revolutionary device to allow guests to go the top quickly; the Lift! aka the Elevator! Go engineering! "Yeah science!" (JP)
I want you to look at some of the key themes that Eiffel uses there and see if it helps explain the modern age that it is in and that the Exposition hopes to share. Of note as well...many folks and even artists hated it! couldn't stand it. Of note, too. In ww1 at the battle of the marne, a radioman climbed to the top of it and was able to jam German radio transmissions to upset communications. How could you fit synthesis here? Could you? Irony? Facts? Comparison?
Quote below from Gustave Eiffel
 "Not only the art of the modern engineer, but also the century of Industry and Science in which we are living, and for which the way was prepared by the great scientific movement of the eighteenth century and by the Revolution of 1789, to which this monument will be built as an expression of France's gratitude"


As suffrage is expanded, some folks think that the idea of VIOLENT revolution espoused by Marx would be unnecessary; the PEOPLE would elect social reformers to help them. One of these guys would be a dude named Edourd Bernstein........Revisionism! "Let's REVISE Marx's ideas on "revolution." 
Remember, the Junkers of Prussia (it's prussia that is the bedrock of the creation of a German Empire) are very conservative. They want a GERMANY that is dominated by northerners, Prussians. In the South of Germany(Bavaria) they are OVERWHELMINGLY Catholic. Since Pope had asserted Papal infallibility, Bismarck feared that these "Germans" would be loyal first to the Pope. He'll create the Kulturekampf to deal w them. 
1888-Kaiser Wilhelm II........Dumb, arrogant, crude, bitter that Grandma Victoria liked her English grandsons better will become the Kaiser of the German Reich. He is super conservative. He believes, really, in divine right of kings.  "i believe that it is written in the Bible, that my duty is to INCREASE GERMAN heritage for which one day God I shall b called 2 account. Whoever get's in my way i shall CRUSH." WilhelmII Bismarck thought him a stupid brat. Wilhelm will FIRE him a couple years in to his reign. 
Although Jewish Emancipation will in Germany, ANTI-Semitism will grown. Many Germans associated Jews w being socialist and liberal. (remember, liberalism called for Universal suffrage....liberalism supports this to the most part. Secularism, too) ***This end of the century people will be a dangerous time in Germany AND Europe. Anti semitism is spreading (remember dreyfuss affair in France? Pogroms in Russia? Jews will not be considered Real Germans. I want you to recognize anti semitism was everywhere. Russia and Germany will serve as unique examples of ignorance, though. These were VERY conservative countries. Within these countries, too yu had the desire for reform, economic, social,etc. These two countries are proud of their traditions and conservativism. Some reformers were indeed Jewish (Marx, Bernstein, Luxemburg) Also, w the Emancipation of the Jews, many Jews were able to pursue Bourgeoise careers. Due to this Jewish people could become doctors, lawyers, invest in biz and perhaps make $$ Some Jews will be very successful in areas like banking or in large scale shopping, department stores. This will (as does laissez capitalism as a whole) negatively hurt the petite bourgeoise, the small biz dude. THEY will blame the Jewish people. 
Eng, France, Germany will begin a period of Imperialism CREATING colonies throughout Africa and Asia. Rivalries will be born. Germany V. Great Britain will be huge. 
****New ideas of race, genetics, and BLOOD nationalism will be born. These themes are far different from the NATIONALISM of the first half of the 19th century which was based not eh PEOPLE governing, not a king. It'll be a nationalism rooted in BLOOD. Genetics. Social Darwinism. Look at Houston Chamberlain


Be sure to write the prompt associated with your class. Period 1, i've texted you the reading associated with yours. All....I'll text the "SAQ" writing page

Disraeli thinks LONG TERM

1870---Education Act of 1870, the British Govt took over responsibility for running elementary schools. they'd be public. BEFORE, the Anglican church ran them. Education would be a defense from threats to democracy from "an illiterate citizenry." The uneducated can be controlled, fooled, tricked. An educated person, an enlightened person can be a "problem" for the systems of control. 
The franchise has proven a "dangerous" proposition for conservatives and their sense of tradition. The "mob" or the PEOPLE should be restricted regarding their voice-the franchise. In England (#englandisdifferent) economic liberalism and steady reforms had(and WAS) creating a nice new middle class as well as giving some level of $$ and even "respectability" to the working class. They wanted a voice. Now. Democracy was coming!! Conservative MP (member of Parliament) Bejamin Disraeli introduced legislation that would expand the franchise. He was conservative. WHY, based on his political ideology would he ever want to expand the franchise!? He was thinking LONG TERM. Change was happening, it was clear and in England (liberal, "free", #englandisdifferent) it was indeed inevitable. For Disraeli, it was wise to be at the forefront of this change. Those who benefited from the expanded franchise (England was growing and more people were enjoying the fruits on liberalism--economic liberalism)  would be grateful for the conservative actions. The new suburban folks, folks who moved away from the city, he believed, would grow conservative and support the Conservative party in Engalnd. He was correct. But.....NOT immediately. Remember, LONG TERM. The next election would see LIBERAL William Gladstone elected. He's liberal. He's liberal. He's liberal!.
 Gladstone supported FREE Trade. He saw it as a benefit to the hungry, the poor and a way to promote trade and lower costs. He supported repeal of corn law to HELP the hungry. He supported Italian Nationalism. Promoted public education rather than Anglican church education. Gladstone will be replaced by conservative Disraeli. Gladstone! Liberalism promotes individuality, freedom and competition. Disraeli-CONSERVATIVE. Govt will work to HELP the people, the weak. Disraeli's conservative party will work to protect Unions, artisans and Liberal gladstone says "yeah, unions are ok but we don't need to protect 'em or their members. It's a free world." 
**Extra Credit? Please be specific in your response, giving clear connection and evidence to support. How could the Communards be the ancestors to the cause of the Jacobins during the French Revolution. What did each stand for? Why were they BOTH revolutionary to the status quo? What forces opposed them? Be creative and THOROUGH. NO generalizations allowed. The best 4 get 4 extra points. Two "good effort, I like where your head is..but not the best..." get 2 points." DUE 1030 AM Sat!!