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Honorary Service Awards

YLHS PTSA Service Award Nominations 2023-2024

Honor Those Who Go Above and Beyond!

Do you know a person or organization that has done service for our school that you think should be recognized?

Now is your chance to make their good deeds known!

Each year PTA/PTSA's across the nation recognize those individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves in outstanding volunteer service.  We need you to nominate individuals who have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond their positions to serve both the students and YLHS. Any outstanding teachers, staff, coaches, volunteers, and community members are eligible for nomination. The deadline to turn it in is March 31, 2024.  Don't miss this chance to honor an outstanding individual! Here is the link for the live Google sheet

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Honorary Service Award Criteria


Very Special Person Award – This may be given to recognize the service of an individual or PTA/PTSA constituent organization/group.
Honorary Service Award – This may be given to an individual in the PTSA, school, or community in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth.
Continuing Service Award – May be given to an individual in the PTSA, school, or community, in recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. This award may be given to those whose contributions have been significant over a continuing time.
Golden Oak Service Award – This may be given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in the PTSA, school, or community. This award should be given to recognize exceptional service to children and youth. It is the PTA’s most prestigious award.  
The Nomination Form can be found at the bottom of the page.  More info can be found on the California PTA website PDF. LINK:

Congratulations to all our previous Yorba Linda High School Honorary Service Award Winners.  We appreciate your dedication and service to our school, PTSA, and most importantly our students!


YLHS Honorary Service Awards Awardees 2023 
Golden Oak Award (2)
Jennifer Johnson 
Stephanie Mancini 
Honorary Service Award (5)
Connor Hipwell
Dana Gigliotti
Matt Stine
Jon Aed
Mod/Severe SPED Aides Dept
(Brittany Daniel, Michelle Mack, Kimberly White, Christine Lopez)
Continuing Service Award (5)
Bincins Garcia
Eren Bourgault
Bill Ray
Kino Oaxaca
Stephanie Sharp
Very Special Person Award (1)
Madison Waltemeyer
YLHS Honorary Service Awards Awardees 2022
Don Campbell – Continuing Service Award
Amie Millsap – Honorary Service Award

Golden Oak Service Award-Staff
Sarah Shay
Claudia Welch
Continuing Service Award
Rey Lejano
Don Campbell
Mark Honig
Honorary Service Award
Sharon Farrell
Jaclyn Chavez
Cathy Petz
Jacquelyn Roberts
Amie Millsap
Very Special Person Award
Melinda Heim
Sarah Phillips


PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2021

PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2020

Denelle Kaminski (PTSA) – Golden Oak (PTSA’s highest honor)

Kimberly Dole (PTSA) – HSA
Daniel Pietenpol (PTSA) – Golden Oak
Angela Davis (Parent, Basketball booster, nominated by Mr. Pietsch) - HSA
Pat Wren - Outstanding Teacher
Desiree St Amant – Outstanding Teacher
Nancy Coulter – Outstanding Administrator
Peyton Pike – Outstanding Administrator
Lorri Walls – Outstanding Administrator
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2019
Richard Din - Outstanding Administrator
Jennifer Johnson (PTSA) - Continuing Service
Athena Bradburn (PTSA) - Continuing Service
Barbara Buckley - Golden Oak
Susan Yoshinaga - Very Special Person
Denise Ackland - Honorary Service
Samiya Hai - Outstanding Teacher
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2018
Lloyd Walls - Outstanding Teacher Award
Noelle ToxquiOutstanding Teacher Award
Jenni Messick -  Outstanding Teacher Award
Officer Doty - Honorary Service Award
Steve Stowell - Honorary Service Award
Joey Friesen - Continuing Service Award
Precious Germain -  Continuing Service Award
Sondia Buscaino -  Golden Oak Award
James Hay -  Very Special Person Award
 PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2017
Greg Kemp - Outstanding Admin Award
Mike Moore - Outstanding Teacher Award
Sarah Phillips - Honorary Service Award
Fred Fonseca - Very Special Person Award
Barb Buckley - Continuing Service Award
Miya Kim - Continuing Service Award
Charlene Dagampat - Outstanding Teacher Award
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2016
Brent Hendry - Outstanding Teacher Award
Rob Paddon - Honorary Service Award
Regina Bernabe - Golden Oak Service Award
Laurie DeCuyper - Continuing Service Award
Marni Jenican - Continuing Service Award
Sarah Shay - Continuing Service Award
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2015
Lisa Tully - Honorary Service Award
David Salinas - Honorary Service Award
Kino Oaxaca - Honorary Service Award
Shea Runge - Honorary Service Award
Denelle Kaminski - Honorary Service Award
Jamie Jauch - Outstanding Administrator Award
Susie Beatificato - Very Special Person Award
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2014
Cathy Petz
Bincins Garcia
Rey Lejano
Kristen You
Regina Bernabe
Terry Kerans
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2013
Richard Cadra
Kelly Fritz
Colleen Hayashi
Melinda Shank
Karen Kleinow
Sondia Buscaino
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2012
Leticia Rice (Parent) – VSP
Sarah Shay (Yearbook) – HSA
Beth Mazurier (Newspaper) – HSA
Jim Hom (Parent Library Volunteer) – HSA
Janis Heckel (PTSA Student Advisor) - HSA
Jeff Platt (Athletic Director) – HSA
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2011
Marsha & Cory Pace – VSP
Jeanette Smith – HSA
Precious Germaine – HSA
Lorri Walls (Counselor) – HSA
Dave Flynn (Principal) – HSA
(the late) Coach Curt Kisner – HS
Suzie Alexander (PTSA President) – HSA
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2010
Jason Kaylor
Claudia Welch
Jennifer Graves
Angelina Atmajda
Cathy Bond
Kim Palmer