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Work Permits Request

All students must have a work permit in order to be employed. 
During the summer work permits may be obtained at the PYLUSD Student Services office at 1301 E. Orangethorpe Ave, Placentia, CA  during the month of July and the beginning of August.  Please call (714) 985-8670 and ask for instructions and the timeline required for processing the permit.  The form attached below must be complete before turning it in to be processed. 
Notice there are three (3) sections on the work permit for the student to have complete before emailing [email protected] (during the regular school year) or students may turn in the request for work permit in the student services office in the drop off basket for processing. The approved work permit will be emailed to the students district email once it has been approved by an administrator. 
Section 1: For the student to complete
Section 2: For the employer to complete
Section 3: For the parent to complete
No permits can be issued unless ALL THREE (3) sections are completed.  The student will receive an email (or the request for work permit will be given back to the student) letting them know if the permit can not be processed due to the request for work permit being incomplete. 
The YLHS student service office requires time to process the permit; no permit will be processed immediately.  Work permits will be emailed to the student email within 24 hours after they are emailed or dropped off unless it is submitted on a Friday.  Please plan ahead.