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Counseling & Student Services » College Link - Fullerton College Courses

College Link - Fullerton College Courses

Benefits of taking a CollegeLink Class with Fullerton College
  •  Earn college credit while in high school for FREE
  •  Save money in books and tuition
  •  Earn high school elective credit at the same time
  •  Be better prepared for college
  •  College credit transfers to most colleges and universities


ANTH 101 Physical Anthropology – (3 Units) This course is a study of the theories of human origin and evolutionary development using genetic, fossil evidence, plus a comparison of humankind anatomically and behaviorally with the higher primates. This field includes current research on the intellectual and cultural equality of the human races. At a number of California State universities and other four-year institutions, this course may be used for social sciences or biological science credit. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 5) and CSU (Area B). Due to the difficulty of the course, it is only offered to 11th-12th grade students.


ART 110Introduction to Art – (3 Units) This course provides an introduction to art from prehistoric times to the present. Classroom presentations are supplemented by gallery and museum visits. While examining the role that the visual arts have played in the development of the cultures of the world, the student is exposed to a wide variety of artistic media. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 3) and CSU (Area C).


BIOL 190Introduction to Biotechnology – (3 Units+1 Unit for the Lab) This course will teach students about all aspects of the biotechnology field, with content appropriate for a wide range of students and professionals. Topics will include the biology, business and legal/ethical issues surrounding biotechnology, cells, genes, DNA, proteins, genetic engineering, drug development, biofuels, agriculture, bioremediation, biotechnology company structure, and the regulations affecting the field. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 5) and CSU (Area B). Due to the difficulty of the course, it is only offered to 11th-12th grade students or students that have passed Chemistry with a C- or better.


BUS 100Introduction to Business – (3 Units) This introductory business course is designed to give an understanding and appreciation for the American business/economic system. The course surveys the nature of economics, business ownership, physical factors, personnel relations, marketing, finance, corporate ownership, management control, business regulation, law, taxation, and the international business environment. Transfers to UC as elective units and fulfills GE requirements for CSU (Area D).


COUN 140Educational Planning – (.5 Units) For seniors going to Fullerton College. Students taking this course will receive an overview of graduation requirements, transfer requirements, campus policies, student services and career planning. This course is strongly recommended for first-time students with declared majors or enrollment in specific programs. Course sections may be designated for specific majors or programs. Transfers to CSU for Degree Credit, but does not fulfill GE requirements.


COUN 144Career Motivation and Self Confidence – (1 Unit) This course is designed to help students identify individual differences, examine personal characteristics and behavior, and evaluate self-concept. Students will interpret information and apply knowledge of self as related to career demands and opportunities with increased motivation and self-confidence. Transfers to CSU for Degree Credit, but does not fulfill GE requirements.


DART 104Introduction to Maya 3D – (3 Units) This course will introduce the Autodesk Maya 3D computer software, focusing upon polygonal modeling techniques. Students will combine modeling techniques with critical thinking assignments to design models for the entertainment industry. Students will also focus on learning design fundamentals by creating thumbnails, and silhouette sketching to aid in their design solutions. Transfers to CSU for Degree Credit, but does not fulfill GE requirements.


ETHS 150Introduction of Chicana/o Studies – (3 Units) This course is an introduction to the field of Chicana/o studies. It is designed to acquaint students with the most significant social, political, economic, and historical aspects of the Chicana/o experience in the United States. This course fulfills the Multicultural Education requirements for graduation. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 4) and CSU (Area D).


ETHS 171 Asian Pacific American History – (3 Units) This course is a survey of the Asian and Pacific Islander American experience in the United States from the mid-19th century to the present day. Elements of Asian and Pacific Islander American culture (i.e., art, literature, music and photography) will be presented in a historical perspective. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 4) and CSU (Area D).


MUS 113Jazz History - An Appreciation – (3 Units) This course provides a historical study of jazz music, America's only original musical art form. The focus will be on developing for the student an appreciation and understanding of the music with secondary emphasis on the historical and cultural conditions which influenced each era of jazz music: Dixieland, Swing, Cool Jazz, Bebop, Free jazz, and Fusion. Active directed listening will be the primary activity in the classroom. Out-of-class activities will include music, listening and concert attendance. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 3) and CSU (Area C).


NUTR 210 Human Nutrition – (3 Units) This course is an introduction to the science of nutrition. Major principles, functions and sources of nutrients, health and disease, as well as, chemistry and physiology as they relate to nutrition are discussed. General application as it applies to today’s students is stressed. Students will analyze their food intake. Transfers to UC as elective units and fulfills GE requirements for CSU (Area E).


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology – (3 Units) This course introduces concepts, theories, and vocabulary associated with the field of sociology. The major sociological perspectives are explored surrounding: social control, social interaction, social differentiation, and social institutions. The processes of social change are understood in the contact of collective human behavior. Transfers to CSU/UC and fulfills GE requirements for IGETC (Area 4) and CSU (Area D). This course is only offered to 11th-12th grade students due to mature content.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are a good fit for these classes:
1. Do I have the time in my schedule to be committed to complete college coursework on time?
2. Do I meet the prerequisites (if there are any) for the class I want to take?
3. Will I ask questions if I need help?
4. Will I check my Canvas account on a regular basis without being prompted to check for announcements and assignments?
5. Am I serious about attending all classes and earning college credit?
6. Am I aware that these courses and grades will go on my permanent college record?
If you answered "Yes" to all these questions, you may be a good fit to take CollegeLink courses! It is always a good idea to talk to your Counselor or College and Career Technician to determine the best fit for you.
Click these links to learn more about CSU General Education units or IGETC courses.
Chart showing what areas our CollegeLink classes fulfill.
1. Does my student need to attend Fullerton College to receive the college units earned from these classes?
No, the college units are on Fullerton College's official transcript so your student can take with them to any college they plan to attend. Students must pass these classes in order to receive units. Where the units are applied may vary between colleges. If your student plans to attend a private college, please contact them directly to inquire about transferable units. Visit https://admissions.fullcoll.edu/transcripts/ for information to receive your official transcript.
2. Are the classes scaled down for high school students?
No, the classes are equally as rigorous as other college classes as they are taught by college Professors.
3. Will these grades be on my permanent record?
Yes, all grades will be included on your permanent college transcript and affect your college GPA. This has negative consequences if students fail the class.
4. Will these classes be on the High School transcript?
Please see your Counselor to ask about this.
5. What is a Withdrawal "W" grade?
A withdrawal grade indicates that a student withdrew or dropped a class. The grade does not affect the GPA. Students that drop before 20% of the total class time will not receive any record of having taken or dropped the class. Please see Fullerton College's handout on Withdrawal grades for more information.
6. Can I take multiple classes in the same semester?
Remember that these are college courses and have very rigorous curriculum. We have seen a handful of students be successful with 2 classes, but it is rare as the workload can be overwhelming. You would also need to take classes that are not at the same time in Fullerton College's system. Even if the class is fully online, they still have a designated date and time in the system. If the times overlap, the system will not let you register for both classes. It would be equivalent to having two 3rd period classes.
7. How many classes can I take?
There is no limit to how many classes you can take throughout all of high school that go on your permanent college transcript that do not go on your high school transcript. If you would like to know how to get classes on your high school transcript for elective credit, please see your counselor. We recommend only taking 1 class at a time to promote a balanced, healthy schedule. Students may also not take multiple classes that overlap in times they are offered.
8. I am a 9th grader, what classes can I take?
CollegeLink courses are intended for 11th-12th grade students, but if you are a self-motivated and hard working 9th-10th grade student, you may do well in our classes. As long as your Counselor or CCT thinks you are capable enough to handle the college-level workload and approve you to take a course, you will be considered for the course. Please note that 11th-12th grade students will have priority as you still have more time to take these courses. Some classes also have requirements or are intended for 11th-12th grade students only.
9. Can I take a course that is not on the list?
Yes, you may take a course that is not offered as a CollegeLink class, however, you will need to pay for your own textbook and you will be in a class with other Fullerton College students. You will also be given last priority as Fullerton College would like to serve their own students first. You can select classes through the Special Admit program. Learn more here. You may also take classes at other Community Colleges, but you may need to pay for tuition and/or textbooks.