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*If you registered for a class and would like to add your class grade to your high school transcript, please fill out this Form
CLASSES BEGIN THE WEEK OF 6/24/24 - 07/18/2024.
If taking: MUS 119 ( History of Rock),  BUS 100, please check-out your textbook before school or after-school in the Library. Please bring your Student ID
Information on in-person college classes
Class Dates Time Location
BUS 100 (Intro. to Business)
6/24/24 -07/18/24
Monday -Thursday 
9:00am - 12:20pm  
Valencia High School
El Dorado High School
1651 N. Valencia Ave., Placentia, CA 92870
Yorba Linda High School 
Benefits of taking a CollegeLink Class with Fullerton College
  •  Earn college credit while in high school for FREE
  •  Save money in books and tuition
  •  Earn high school elective credit at the same time
  •  Be better prepared for college
  •  College credit transfers to most colleges and universities
See below or click here to learn about CSU General Education units or IGETC courses.
1. Does my student need to attend Fullerton College to receive the college units earned from these classes?
No, the college units are on Fullerton College's official transcript which can be sent to the college the student plans to attend. Students must pass these classes in order to receive units. If your student plans to attend a private college, please contact them directly to inquire about transferable units. Visit for information to receive your official transcript.
2. Are the classes scaled down for high school students?
No, the classes are equally as rigorous as other college classes as they are taught by college Professors.
3. Will these grades be on my permanent record?
Yes, all grades will be included on your permanent college transcript and affect your college GPA. This has negative consequences if students fail the class.
4. Will these classes be on the High School transcript?
Only if you need the credit to graduate high school. Please be sure to let your Counselor know.
5. What is a Withdrawal "W" grade?
A withdrawal grade indicates that a student withdrew or dropped a class and it will not affect the GPA. Students that drop before 20% of the total class time will not receive any record of having taken or dropped the class. Please see Fullerton College's handout on Withdrawal grades for more information.
6. After registering for a class, how do I drop a class if I am no longer interested in taking it?
Please refer to the "How to drop Classes" handout at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to do this.
7. Can I take multiple classes in the same semester?
We only recommend taking 1 class in the same semester. Remember that these are college courses and have very rigorous curriculum. We have seen a handful of students be successful with 2 classes, but it is rare as the workload can be overwhelming. You are however, allowed to take a 1 unit course that's being offered and a 3 unit course at the same time. In the summer term, students are only allowed to take 1 class
8. How many classes can I take?
We recommend only taking 1 class at a time to promote a balanced, healthy schedule. You can take a class anytime throughout your 4 years in high school. Talk to your counselor if you would like to take more than 1 class.
9. I am a 9th grader, what classes can I take?
CollegeLink courses are intended for 11th-12th grade students, but if you are a self-motivated and hard working 9th-10th grade student, you may do well in our classes. You will need your Counselor's or CCT approval to recommend you for a class. Please note that 11th-12th grade students will have priority. Some classes also have requirements or are intended for 11th-12th grade students only so be sure to check with your College and Career Tech.
10. Can I take a course that is not on the list?
Yes, you may take a course that is not offered as a CollegeLink class, however, you will need to pay for your own textbook and you will be in a class with other Fullerton College students. You can select classes through the Special Admit program. Learn more here. You may also take classes at other Community Colleges, but you may need to pay for tuition and/or textbooks. You can go to the respective community college's website and search for dual enrollment course information for high school students.
Last updated: 06/2023
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