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External Courses

updated 2/2022




YORBA LINDA HIGH SCHOOL: External Course Application Process  

EXTERNAL COURSE CREDIT: A maximum of 20 credits of coursework will be accepted from external institutions. Courses may be used for acceleration, advancement, or elective credit, but cannot be used for original credit core courses required for a high school diploma.


BEFORE enrolling in the course, student must turn in application & all required documentation for approval. These courses are fee-based and generally cost $200-$400 per semester. PYLUSD is not responsible for any part of those fees.

PLEASE NOTE: If you took or plan to take a Fullerton CollegeLink course, we do NOT recommend that you submit an external form to add the class to your high school transcript. We only recommend that you submit an external form, if you are taking a Fullerton CollegeLink class because you need graduation credits. Adding the course to your high school transcript can impact your GPA.


Step 1: Finding an Institution

    • Page 1 showing institution details, including UC/CSU approval
    • The page that lists the course you are taking


Step 2: NCAA Eligibility *Only complete this section if you’re taking the course to meet NCAA eligibility requirements

  • Go to: → High School Administrators → List of NCAA Courses
  • Enter the CEEB/ACT Code for the institution you chose
  • Print & attach the following 2 documents:
    • The page showing that the institution meets NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation
    • The page that lists the course you are taking


Step 3: Application

  • Print & complete “External Course Application” attached below


Step 4: Approval & Registration

  • Turn in application & all documentation to your counselor for approval
  • Once approved, register with provider you chose & pay any applicable fees
  • After completing the course, have provider send official transcripts to: YLHS - Attn: Jacquelyn Roberts

UC Scout, a University of California program provides 65 A-G approved courses, of which 26 are AP College Board approved. 

Plus is offered free to CA public schools.

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